Talavera is a Mexican pottery, which incorporates brighter colors and unique designs. All handcrafted and painted by skilled craftsmen in Mexico. Typically painted and glazed within a certain style, no two are ever identical providing you with a one of a kind piece. Talavera is sure to give you that pop of color in your design that you have been looking for.


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Talavera Mushrooms
Talavera Planter with Bird - Medium
Talavera Longhorns - Medium
Talavera Frogs & Salamanders
Talavera Bird Feeder
Talavera Watering Can Planter
Talavera Standing Bunny
Talavera Scottish Terrier
Talavera Standing Cat
Houston Astros Talavera Planter
Houston Astros Boot Planters
Talavera Bird Bath
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