Upgrade your look with our stylish accessories, crafted to perfection. 

Concrete Products

Experience the timeless beauty secret with Ponds skincare. Rediscover radiant, youthful skin with our nourishing formulas.


Enhance your outdoor oasis with our exquisite fountain collection. 


Discover the artistry of handcrafted pottery 


Experience the timeless beauty secret with Ponds skincare. 


Immerse yourself in nature’s symphony with our breathtaking waterfalls. 


Hand Cut Stone Crosses
Metal Flowers
Clay Foo Dog
Talavera Frogs & Salamanders
Talavera Bird Feeder
Talavera Watering Can Planter

Ponds & Water Falls:

Kauai Ponds
Floating Lights.Set of 3 lights,MAC102
Victoria Surround pond
Kauai Surround Kit with pond
Rectangle Surround with pond
Crescent Surround With Pond
Talavera Boots
Talavera Catrinas
Talavera University of Texas Boots
Talavera Texas A&M Boots
Talavera Ginger Jar
Talavera Birdhouse


Large Italian Fountain
Verde Onyx Custom Fountain
Fountain Toppers/Finials - Animals
Fountain Toppers/Finials - Humans
Swan Fountain
Lion Fountain
Color Bowl
Venitian Window Box
Heavy Rim Planter
Low Bowl
Ribbed Rectangle Planter
Italian Clay Saucers

Concrete Products:

Life Size Jesus
Virgen de Guadalupe
Angel Holding Cross
Loch Ness Monster
Tour Fountain-Statua…

New products:

Clay Foo Dog
Fish Chiminea
DiscoLonghorn Skull
Disco Longhorn Skull
Disco Longhorn Skull

About Us:

Welcome to Fountains & Statuary, a family-owned business proudly serving Houston and its surrounding areas since 1982.

Our passion for offering distinctive and unparalleled outdoor goods has driven us to curate a vast and diverse collection sourced from various corners of the globe. Here you will find one-of-a-kind outdoor goods from Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia among other countries.

With four acres of space, our expansive outdoor “showroom” is a treasure trove featuring an eclectic mix of outdoor products that are not just functional but also speak volumes about craftsmanship, culture, and artistry. From stunning concrete statues to exquisite natural rock fountains, our carefully selected items are sure to elevate any outdoor space, adding character and sophistication. We also have a 10-acre manufacturing facility located in Chappell Hill, TX, which enables faster turnaround times without compromising on quality, providing you with exceptional concrete products in a timely manner.

We aim to provide a seamless, efficient and friendly shopping experience which includes custom orders, delivery, and installation services, all of which are handled in-house. Custom orders are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of both residential and commercial clients, ensuring that each product is a perfect fit for your individual space or project.

Thank you for choosing Fountains & Statuary, where each piece tells a story, and every space becomes an expression of yourself.

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